Several orthopaedics faculty to present at the AAPMR annual meeting.

UF Orthopaedics doctors Heather Vincent, Kevin Vincent, Jason Zaremski, Daniel Herman, and Kevin Farmer will be presenting at the Annual Assembly for the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Drs. Heather and Kevin Vincent will present:
“Progressive enhanced eccentric or concentric resistance exercise training for knee osteoarthritis: initial results on pain and function”

  • This presentation was accepted as a: Best Musculoskeletal Medicine Research Poster Presentation

Drs. Kevin Vincent (course director), Kevin Farmer, Daniel Herman will present:
“Operative vs Non-Operative Management of ACL Injury: Considerations for the Development of Cartilage Degradation”

Drs. Kevin Vincent , Kevin Farmer, Jason Zaremski (course director) will present:
“The Throwing Athlete’s Shoulder: Adolescent to Adult”