UF Ortho PMR and Research Divisions present at the Annual AAPMR Assembly on Function Through Exercise

The Divisions of Physical Medicine and Research had a significant presence at the Annual Assembly of the The American Academy of Phy​sical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  This year’s assembly took place in San Diego, California on November 13-14, 2014.  The highlight of the assembly was “A focus of function through exercise.”

Dr. Kevin Vincent, MD, PhD, presented during an opening conference sports medicine symposium entitled, “Going the distance: Understanding marathon and ultramarathon runners; Musculoskeletal considerations for the aging runner.”   He then later presented in a workshop entitled,  “Evaluation of core strength.”

Dr. Jason Zaremski, MD presented in a workshop entitled,  “Overhead throwers: An interactive workshop on history taking, physical examination, and return to play in this unique population.”

Several research projects and posters were presented by Drs. Heather Vincent, Kevin Vincent, Jason Zaremski, and Cong Chen, MS, and Laura Ann Zdziarski, ATC, in lacrosse and running motion and injury risk.