Dr. Heather Vincent, co-PI, receives national press on iPhone fitness app quality.

The Co-PI’s of the study, Dr. Francois Modave from Health Outcomes and Policy and Dr. Heather Vincent Co-PI research which shows that nearly all free iPhone workout and fitness apps that are exercise prescriptive do not have sufficient quality when compared to the American College of Sports Medicine guidelines.

This research has strong implications for novice exercisers and consumers who wish to progress with exercise safely. National news, Medical News Today and numerous public magazines are using this information to share with consumers, patients and professionals. Other contributors were Dr. Bian, Trevor Leavitt, Charles Harris and Jennifer Bromwell.

For the full story, please visit the UF Health Newsroom: https://ufhealth.org/news/2015/free-fitness-iphone-apps-fail-meet-americ…