Advice on Runner’s Knee from Dr. Vincent featured in Time Magazine.

Advice and guidance from Dr. Kevin Vincent, MD, PhD, FACSM, CAQSM about Runner’s Knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) was recently featured on Time Magazine/Time Health:

“Gait retraining–where a physical therapist recommends specific ways to change the way you walk or run–also appears to help ease runner’s knee pain, especially in combination with a strengthening program.

In general, taking shorter, faster steps takes pressure off your knees, Vincent says. If you run, he recommends counting the number of steps you take per minute. Get a number below 160? Speeding it up by 5 to 10% can reduce the load on your joints and alleviate knee pain.”

For more information about runner’s knee, including how to avoid the pain – be sure to read the full article: