Drs. Heather Vincent and Rosie Conic represent PMR at ASRA Conference

Dr. Rosie Conic presented on behalf of the study team: “Mental well being and complementary alternative medicine use among individuals with spine and multijoint pain”. The authors included interventional spine specialists Drs. Shawn McGargill and Michael Sein and Dr. Heather Vincent. The data were analyzed from a cohort in the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI), and determined that patients with progressively higher pain site numbers experienced worse mental well being sought out more types of CAM treatments to help manage pain over six years.

CAM abstract ASRA 2023

Dr. Heather Vincent was invited to speak on three topics as part of expert panels. On Friday, she presented “Social determinants of health: Challenges and Opportunities for Clinical Decision Making and Improving Treatment Precision.” On Saturday she presented back-to-back sessions: “Exercise Impact on Musculoskeletal Pain” and “Integrative Approach to Studying Musculoskeletal Pain”. These sessions focused on how to optimize the exercise experience from elite athlete to adults and children with chronic injury.

ASRA panel 2023