PMR presents at IOC Conference in Monaco

PMR faculty, residents and research team presented original research at the 7th  International Olympic Committee (IOC) Conference on Prevention of Illness and Injury in Monaco during February 28-March 2, 2024.

Dr. Jason Zaremski presented his findings on baseball pitch counts and led a workshop on designing workload related programming for developing pitchers. (Funded by OREF and AMSSM)

Dr. Heather Vincent presented her team’s work on understanding lacrosse and running related injuries and how to mitigate injury risk:

Age Differences in Injury Risk Factors Among Youth through Collegiate Lacrosse Players: Considerations for Early Injury Prevention (funded by USA Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety grant)

Authors: Zane Thompson, Jamie Bolling, Kevin Vincent and Heather Vincent

Stress Fracture Injury Prevention Strategies with Emphasis on Early Impact Dampening Among Endurance Runners

 Authors: Ryan Nixon, Jamie Bolling, Kevin Vincent and Heather Vincent

PMR Presenting at IOC
PMR Presenters at IOC
Presenters at IOC