Core Value- One of the core values of the Sponsoring Institution (UF Health) is centered around providing comprehensive care for diverse populations it serves, and promoting diversity and a sense of collaboration among the care providers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. UF faculty receive training on diversity and inclusion in medicine and are encouraged to implement this training in all aspects of medical education.

Recruitment- The application process meets all requirements of the Equal Employment Opportunity and the Americans with Disability Acts and does not discriminate with regard to sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, disability or veteran’s status. The residency program trainees will be recruited from a broad application pool.

Selection- Selection will be based on a philosophical match to the mission and key goals of the program.

Retention- Retention will be fostered by creating a welcoming, nurturing environment in which residents can develop. Close mentoring from faculty, and transparency regarding resident concerns and ideas will facilitate this milieu. Faculty and residents will work collaboratively to develop plans for addressing concerns or exploring ideas. Retention will also be emphasized through support for scholarly activities, development of personal goals (leadership in organizations and community) and provision of opportunities and resources to learn additional skills.