Several evaluations will be administered for each resident each year to ensure progress is being made toward progressive conditional independence (individual rotations, 360 evals, yearly faculty evals, self and peer evaluations). The Program Director, peers and faculty will discuss evaluations to determine if residents are on target for independence. These confidential evaluations listed below are compiled in New Innovations, the evaluation software utilized by the University of Florida.

Evaluations of Resident

  • Evaluation of Resident (evaluated mid-year & end of year/summative)
  • End of Year/Summative Evaluation of Resident
  • Program Exit/Final Evaluation of Resident
  • 360 Staff Evaluation of Resident (evaluated semi-annual)
  • Patient Evaluation of Resident (evaluated semi-annual)
  • Faculty Evaluation of Resident by each Rotation (at end of each rotation, or every 2 months)
  • Peer Evaluation of Resident (evaluated semi-annual)
  • Self-Evaluation (evaluated semi-annual)

Evaluations of Faculty

  • Resident Evaluation of Faculty (at the end of rotation)

Required Evaluations of Program for Annual Program Evaluation

  • Resident Evaluation of Program
  • Faculty Evaluation of Program
  • Evaluation of Rotation (at the end of rotation)
  • Graduate Evaluation of Program (ACGME recommends 1 & 5 year intervals)
  • Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats [SWOT]