Sick Leave

All Residents shall accrue sick leave per year of full time employment, if consistent with board requirements. Residents shall be entitled to utilize sick leave for: time off from work because of exposure to a contagious disease that may endanger others; personal visits to doctors or dentists; and for personal illness, which includes disability caused, or contributed to, by pregnancy. Additionally, sick leave may be used in reasonable amounts for illness, injury, or death within the resident’s/fellow’s immediate family, as per the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guidelines. In instances of a serious medical condition of a resident or a member of the resident’s/fellow’s family, the resident may be eligible for an extended medical leave of absence under the (FMLA) or UF’s Extended Leave of Absence program.

Residents may be permitted to carry over up to 5 days of unused sick leave to a new program year, as consistent with the department policy; however, carryover must be approved by the program director and the total amount of paid sick days per program year cannot exceed 15 sick days per year. All unused leave is considered nonpayable leave, and there is no entitlement for lump-sum payment for unused leave upon separation or completion of training.