Terms and Conditions of Appointment

The Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education Institutional Requirement(IV.A.3.) requires that applicants for ACGME-accredited programs (applicants who are invited for an interview) must be informed, in writing or by electronic means, of the terms, conditions, and benefits of appointment. Please find a summary of those items:

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT: Appointments are renewed annually and continued retention in the training program depends on your satisfactory performance/training progress, including adherence to acceptable professional behavior, as well as the continuation of requisite funding for the program. A resident’s/fellow’s reappointment and progression to more advanced levels will be based on the results of periodic reviews of the resident’s/fellow’s educational and professional achievement, competence, and progress as determined by the program director and teaching faculty.

The primary site of your graduate medical training will be the University of Florida College of Medicine and its major teaching hospitals and affiliates, but the location of the training for any resident or fellow may occur at various sites. All assignments and call schedules are made at the discretion of the appropriate program director of the University.