Amputee Clinic


The Amputee Clinic provides comprehensive services for the patient with acute or chronic limb loss. Our Physiatry team may initially see patients first in the postaacute setting when they are discharged from the hospital and are preparing for return to home. Patients may have suffered a traumatic limb loss or have had a surgical amputation as a consequence of other medical conditions like diabetes or vascular disease. The doctors first determine the medical issues that need management, the challenges that exist in the home environment and what type of plan will be needed for prostheses and assistive devices going forward. The team will help the patient navigate this process as smoothly as possible by creating a comprehensive plan that meets the patient’s goals.

As patients heal and return to a new normal, the outpatient Amputee Clinic also provides services to those with chronic amputation. Long-term follow up care is provided to periodically ensure that any concerns are addressed, treatment strategies are revisited and new goals are considered.