Inpatient Rehabilitation


UF Health Rehabilitation Hospital at Select brings together a multi-disciplinary team of physicians specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, Shands therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals, all dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their lives while dealing with major traumas, injuries or diseases. Our team is well experienced and published in the latest health care trends and practices that are directly used to increase efficiency of your rehabilitation experience.

Once a patient is admitted to UF Health Rehabilitation Hospital, therapy needs are determined by the care team and the Attending Physiatrist. Working closely with you and your family, the team–which includes Physiatrists, rehabilitation nurses and therapists–will establish your initial goals and a treatment plan to achieve them. During the course of your care, these goals may be revised to reflect your progress and personal choices.

In addition, our experienced rehabilitation team provides specialized care to teach you how your body functions after your injury or illness. They also will assist you in practicing life skills, from grooming and getting dressed to managing your medications. Other activities to enhance patient recovery include family-patient education, transfer training and safety practices in the home.