Sports Medicine

We treat sports medicine related injuries in active people across the age spectrum. In addition to common injuries like knee pain, foot pain and shoulder pain, our Physiatrists have advanced training and experience with treating complex injuries and getting athletes back to their sport. Imaging, therapy services, interventional procedures, motion analyses and customized plans are tools used to facilitate return to sport. Our doctors are doing the research that advances sports medicine practice.

At UF, our Physiatry team includes Fellows in the American College of Sports Medicine and are internationally recognized for their expertise in managing injuries related to running, concussion, throwing and high velocity sports like lacrosse and golf. See our Specialty Clinic links below.

Sports Performance Center

* Body Composition * Cardiopulmonary Fitness Testing * Injury Prevention * Motion analysis of numerous sports (lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, softball, archery, cycling and more) * Nutrition analysis * Exercise Prescription * Running Clinic * Run Gait Retraining * Consultations for lifestyle management

Golfer, Runner, Cyclist

Running Medicine Clinic

* Comprehensive injury evaluation * Biomechanical analysis of gait * Muscle imbalances that may have caused or pre-dispose to injury * Gait studies to optimize running technique * Shoe and orthotic evaluation and prescription if needed * Comprehensive rehabilitation program * Training advice to assist in safe return-to -running.

Running Medicine

Concussion Assessment

*Initial evaluation, examination and history *Computerized testing for evaluation of severity of symptoms * School accommodations * Coordination with other clinical team members for follow-up in Neurology, Neuropsychology and Physical Therapy * Return to play evaluations

Traumatic Brain Injury