Sports Performance

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The UF Health Sports Performance Center (UF SPC) provides fitness testing, motion analyses, body composition and metabolic measures, exercise and nutritional programming and strength testing and training for EVERY BODY.

Our team of ACSM fellowship trained sports medicine physicians in working with TEAM USA in sports research efforts and medical care. Our doctors, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, engineers and strength & conditioning staff serve elite caliber athletes, young developing athletes early in their sports careers, and individuals aspiring to change to an active lifestyle. The UF SPC services are provided in a state-of-the-art environment and supports able bodied and para-athletes with medical expertise in these areas. If you want to improve your athletic performance, prevent injury or improve your physical ability to last a lifetime, contact us.

Services We Offer and Price List: effective October 1, 2023

  • Maximal VO2 Fitness testing on treadmill or cycle no lactate ($150), with lactate ($200)
    • What to expect: This test involves wearing a mask over your nose and mouth while performing aerobic exercise on either a treadmill, stationary cycle, or ergometer. The mask will be hooked up to our ParvoMedics Metabolic Cart, the same system used by US Olympic Training Center. Throughout the test the Metabolic Cart will be measuring your oxygen intake, carbon dioxide output, and various other physiological measures. Time: 1.5 to 2 hours, including: initial introductions, equipment fitting, testing, data processing, and a discussion about your results.Options: You can complete this test on the treadmill, stationary cycle, your own bike, or our arm-crank ergometer!
      • Why should you do it:The VO2 max test will determine the physiological limit of your aerobic fitness. With this information we can: calculate your actual VO2 max, establish training zones that align with your goals, determine how your body’s fuel use changes with exertion.
    • It’s also a great measure of longevity and overall health – so, you don’t have to be an endurance athlete to appreciate this health information.
    • You’ll take home: A comprehensive metabolic output of raw data, tracking your metabolic progression through all phases of exercise.A clear, structured report of your processed data. This includes easy-to-read graphs, charts, and explanations of your training zones.Handouts explaining your results and how to apply them long-term. Any relevant notes from the discussion.
    • The lactate portion of this test is completed through a finger-prick at each stage of the protocol.
      • Why should you do it: This test provides insight into the exact workload and heartrate at which your body shifts from using fat oxidation (aerobic energy) to glucose oxidation (anaerobic energy). That crossover point is when your body starts to accumulate lactate faster than it can clear it, limiting your workout intensity. By training at this lactate threshold your body will adapt to working at higher intensities for longer periods of time.
      • In addition to all of the materials from the maximal VO2 testing, you will also receive:
        • Graphs plotting your blood lactate levels over your heartrate.
        • A worksheet for calculating your lactate and heartrate training zones.
    • Motion Analysis testing for any sport or activity ($300) includes high speed filming, reports, debriefing, exercise & therapy recommendations, shoe wear or equipment guidance, injury prevention, fast track into medical clinic if needed.Sport motion 3 D analysis using a combination of markerless and markered techniques will be used to collect:
      • Running Motion and Walking Gait: with retraining based on our and the newest research
      • Throwing and High Speed Rotation Motion: baseball and softball pitch, throwing field positions, football quarterbacking and more using our newest Biopitch analysis and reporting methods
      • Golf and Lacrosse: Harnessing our research and elite, professional comparisons for men and women
      • Why should you do it: Motion analysis reveals movement deficiencies and strengths, weak links in the kinetic sequencing, rotational velocities and body positioning in people of any age. Our expertise in PMR is linking the movement of the human body to injury risk and therapy targets to correct the deficiency. We have had great success with getting athletes back to play safely and with durability.
      • You’ll take home: During your 1.5-2 hour VIP time slot, you will receive: personalized reports of your sport motion, high speed motion videos in different view of movement, post-assessment consultation with doctoral levels professionals in the field with clinical and assessment experience, sport specific exercise and therapy recommendations, evidence-based guidance on shoewear, equipment and adjustments to form – retest in the same session optional to see real-time changes in kinematics.
      • 36 Point Functional Testing to identify movement deficiencies from the shoulder, spine, hips, knees and ankles, good for all athletes ($250)
        • Why you should do it: The functional test is a great tool for any athlete from junior to masters, and from novice to advanced! The overall score is an awesome way to track your overall progress. Meanwhile the individual joint breakdown is a powerful tool to track specific joint vulnerabilities, mobility weaknesses, and functional deficits. All of it is information you can use to rehabilitate old injuries, and be proactive in preventing new ones
        • You’ll take home:A ‘Readiness Report’ highlighting strengths and weaknesses of overall function.A ‘Joint-Vulnerability’ report, detailing what joints are your weakest and what joints are your strongest.
        • An in-depth ‘Clinical Report’ looking at each movement you completed, and highlighting.
      • BODPOD body composition test ($60, first assessment, $40 repeat visits). Children <18 years are free!
        • What to expect: The BODPOD® body composition test uses a two-compartment system, meaning that is measures your fat mass versus your fat-free mass. This is done by collecting your body weight, then measuring your body volume via air displacement. Overall the test is fast and easy! The overall process takes just under 10-minutes, with only 2 to 3 of those minutes being in the BodPod itself.
          • Time: 30-minute blocks including time for introductions, testing, and a results discussion.Why you should do it: Measuring body composition is a great health tool! It allows you to track changes over time with how your body responds to exercise programs, nutrition modifications, lifestyle changes, and so on. It’s also a great tool for staying motivated and on-track for all of your lifestyle goals.You’ll take home:
            • A printed report generated by the BodPod including your body fat percentage, fat-free mass percentage, body mass, where you stand amongst your peers, and an estimated resting energy expenditure!An additional handout explaining the BodPod report, and updated standards per the American College of Sports Medicine’s 11th edition text.Any relevant notes from the discussion!Re-test Timeline: depending on goals, can be anywhere from monthly to annually!
          Re-tests do have a discount! For your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th visit the reduced fee is $40, with everything starting at the 5th visit being free!
      • Skinfold test, 7 sites ($20)
        • What to expect: Our 7-site skinfold testing is conducted by Dr. Heather Vincent, Director of the Sports Performance Center, who has been performing this service for over 25 years. Dr. Vincent will use research-grade calipers to collect measurements at the chest, axilla, tricep, scapula, hip, abdomen, and thigh using ACSM standards. Your body fat percentage is then calculated using the sum of these measurements.
          • Time: 15-minute to 30-minute block, including testing, reporting, and a brief discussion of results.
      • Metabolic rate and energy expenditure ($60)
        • What to expect: This test also uses the ParvoMedics Metabolic Cart (same equipment as seen in Olympic Training Centers), to measure your oxygen intake and carbon dioxide output at rest. To complete the test, you will either recline on a bed or remain seated in a chair with the ParvoMedics mask over your nose and mouth. We ask that you refrain from talking, interacting with electronic devices, and sleeping for the duration of the test.
        • Time:1.5 to 2 hours, including: initial introductions, equipment fitting, testing, data processing, and a discussion about your results.
          • Time: 45-mintues to 1-hour blocks, including initial introductions, equipment fitting, testing, and a results discussion.
          • Why you should do it: This test will provide tell you how many calories you burn at rest, your average rate of oxygen consumption throughout the day, and establish your energy-use profile (what fuel source – fats or carbs – you use at rest). All of this information is useful for dialing-in nutrition plans!
          • You’ll take home:A comprehensive report of raw data tracking your metabolic rate at rest
          • An educational handout that explains your results, how to interpret their meaning, and apply them to your goals
          • Any relevant notes from the discussion!
          • Consults for exercise programming, nutrition, over-training considerations, weight management ($160) 1 hour plus relevant reports
              • What to expect: Consults are a one-on-one with Dr, Vincent and an SPC team member. We welcome topics related to nutrition review, sport nutrition and preparation for specific events, designing exercise programs, reviewing running training strategies, safe weight training technique, preventative exercise and more!
              • Time: 1-hour blocks are dedicated to you! Longer time can be booked and we will adjust accordingly.
              • Why you should do it: We cab help guide your personal goals based on sports science and the most current recommendations.
              • Strength testing on clinical strength machines ($50)
              • What to expect: The strength testing procedure involves testing your 1-repitition maximum on different clinical machines. The 1-repitition maximum is the maximum amount of weight an individual can do for the prescribed motion for a single repetition. It has been validated across reliability studies for testing an individual’s strength progression over-time. The tests include: leg press, leg curl, leg extension, chest press, seated row, overhead press, and back extension.
              • Please note: we do not offer 1-repitition maximum testing with free weights at this time.
              • Re-test Timeline: at the beginning or end of a strength training cycle!
            Motion Analysis images
            Motion Analysis testing with state of the art markerless and markered techniques