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Aerobic Fitness Testing (VO2max)

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The maximal fitness test will determine your peak aerobic fitness level, or your peak ability to use oxygen by muscles. This is important because higher fitness levels relate to better endurance performance and low risk for lifestyle disease. Your physiological limit of aerobic endurance will be identified and your approximate training zones for improving endurance can be set. This test includes a comprehensive metabolic output at all workloads, electrocardiogram activity of the heart fuel use at each work level. A full report including the graphs and data are provided along with a brief consult about your results are included. We block 1.5 hours for your appointment.

  • Cost for full VO2test is $150.
  • We can test you on your own bike, or on our treadmill in the testing facility.
  • What to bring: exercise clothes, athletic shoes, any tracking wearables you want during the test, water bottle and towel.

Add Blood Lactate Measures

The Lactate Threshold Test is the maximal fitness test described above in addition to measurement of blood lactate levels. The purpose of the test is to determine the workload and heart rate at which your body shifts metabolically from using primarily aerobic energy sources (fat oxidation) to that of anaerobic pathways (glucose oxidation). Lactate production exceeds its clearance in the body. For the performance athlete, determining your lactate threshold will help us find your training zone. By exercising at this threshold, your body will adapt to higher intensities and you will be able to sustain higher exercise intensities for a longer time. After a couple of months, re-testing will help find the new threshold to keep improving your performance. We block 1.5 hours for your appointment.

  • Full VO2 test with blood lactate is $200
  • We provide repeat testing for a reduced fee of $150.
  • We can test you on your own bike, or on our treadmill in the testing facility.
  • What to bring: exercise clothes, athletic shoes, any tracking wearables you want during the test, water bottle and towel.

Body Composition and Metabolic Rate

Body composition and Metabolic Rate

Measurement of your body composition and metabolic rate are key when tracking changes after fitness programs, nutritional modifications, lifestyle change and other adjustments to medications. We provide a few options for you, including the BODPOD noninvasive fast testing, 7-site skinfolds and resting metabolic rate with our ParvoMedics Metabolic Cart (same as used at the US Olympic Training Center). Both body composition tests are complemented well with a Resting Metabolic Rate test to determine how your training is modifying your rate of energy expenditure and what kind of fuels your body tends to use.


Your body fat mass and fat free mass are measured using the BOD POD® device. Resting metabolic rate is an optional component of every body composition test. This test and the consultation takes no more than 30 minutes. Repeat visits can track your progress!

  • Cost for initial test is $60.
  • Return after a personal program to see the changes in body composition for a reduced fee of $40!
  • Children under 18 years (and at least 55 pounds) can be tested for FREE!
  • What to wear: please wear a swimsuit, spandex shorts and/or jog bra (for women) or undergarments for testing. Testing occurs in a private room.

Skinfold Test

We can also provide 7-site skinfold measurement for you, measures provided by Dr. Vincent, who has been performing this technique for over 25 years. The site will use research-grade calipers to pinch skinfolds are the chest, axilla, tricep, scapula, hip, abdomen and thigh using ACSM standards. A report will be provided to you based on the sum of these skinfolds. This test is booked for 15 minutes.

  • Cost for initial test is $20.
  • What to wear: please wear a swimsuit, spandex shorts and/or jog bra (for women) or undergarments. Testing occurs in a private room.

Metabolic Rate

Testing your metabolic rate will provide you with information about how many calories you burn at rest, what profile of fat and carbohydrates you use for energy and your rate of oxygen use during the average day. This is useful to help you set goals for weight loss or weight management (gain or maintenance). Your resting metabolic rate (RMR) will be determined while lying down in a private room in the laboratory. You will breathe into a mask connected to the metabolic analyzer. A series of measures will be collected from the air you breathe during the 30 minute period. A full computerized report and brief consult will be provided to you upon completion. We schedule a 45 minute-1 hour block for this test to include any consultation you need.

  • Cost for test is $60
  • Must be fasting for ~8 hours
  • No caffeine in last 24 hours
  • Dress comfortably

Sport Motion & Gait Analysis

Motion Analysis Testing

Our image analysis and high speed, 3D motion-capture systems are used to scientifically evaluate the biomechanics of various sport motions. For some testing, a computer bone model of you is created to demonstrate your motion and areas for injury risk and improvement. Using our newest measurement options, we can collect sport motion indoor and outdoor to meet your needs!  These data are then processed and placed in a data repository of athletes and active people to determine the most optimal biomechanics positioning for avoiding injury and improving human performance. Our work has been featured on ESPN, regional regional and national television networks and we have worked with active people from all skills and competitive levels – recreational through professional. All are welcome.

Depending on the sport or activity, we look for symmetry of motion, timing of movement features, joint angles, joint forces and rotation of body segments. Careful history taking, functional tests, high speed motion and real-time force measures set the standard in the field of motion assessment.  Depending on the sport activity, the tests take approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

  • Cost for motion analysis, data and film review and consultation is $300
  • You will be provided a customized report of your personal findings compared to ‘ideal’ form from elite or professional athletes we have tested over time.
  • What to wear: please wear underarmour spandex shorts and/or jog bra (for women) or tank tops and athletic shoes with ankle length socks. No skin lotion or cleats please! For anyone with long hair, please wear hair up off the shoulders. We need to be sure that the reflective markers are visible by cameras.