Residents getting hands on experience WIHT PHYSICAL THERAPY MODALITIES

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Program

Our program will train residents to become involved in community-based activity, with the main goals of providing care, education and resources to the underserved populations. This goal will be achieved by leveraging current experience of service-minded faculty to mentor residents in becoming selfless stewards of community health.

Learning modalities in didactics.


Fellowship Opportunities

Our faculty co-direct Fellowships at UF including the Trauma, Concussion & Sports Neuromedicine (TRACS) Program. Fellows from Family and Sports Medicine, Pediatrics and Pain Medicine also spend time in Physical Medicine Clinics.

TRACS program

medical AND PRE-MED students

Medical Education Opportunities

Interested medical students who want to engage in the Medical Student Research Program (Discovery Pathways), Medical Honors Program or an opportunity to work with a faculty member should inquire. Opportunities include participation as part of an ongoing or feasible research project or working with a clinician on a scholarly paper or presentation.

Research faculty and student collaborating.

UF Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Educational Programs


Our faculty are involved in the Medical School Curriculum and the Graduate Medical Sciences Curriculum at UF from the first to the fourth-year experience and graduate school. Faculty provide lectures in a variety of intensives, including Pre-preceptorship (MS year 1), Nutrition Intensive (MS year 2), Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Dermatology/Musculoskeletal Module (MS year 4). In addition, Physiatry faculty also engage in fourth year electives including the Art and Science of Advanced Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Reasoning. Fourth year electives in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation are now offered:

  • Comprehensive Management of the Spine (PMR E6 MDT 7570) course directors: Dr. Michael Sein and Dr. Shawn McGargill
  • Exercise is Medicine (PMR E5 MDT 7570) course director: Dr. Heather Vincent
  • Non-surgical Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (PMR E4 MDT 7570) course directors: Dr. Kevin Vincent and Dr. Jason Zaremski
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR E3 MDT 7570) course directors: Dr. Michael Sein, Dr. Irene Estores, Dr. Parisa Zarreii


  • Functional Assessment in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (GMS 5905) course syllabi, course director: Dr. Sharareh Sharififar

Faculty Commitment to Teaching: The Resident Teaching Award

This year, the Department began the tradition of the “Resident Teaching Award”. This Award is voted on by the residents to recognize faculty who commit efforts to teaching behind the scenes over the past year. The 2021-2022 recipient is Dr. Andrea Aguirre! Congratulations Dr. Aguirre for your hard work as an educator!

PMR Faculty Scholarly Contributions to Education

Geis C: Current status and trends in subspecialty certification in physical medicine and rehabilitation. 2022, PMR Jan 17. doi: 10.1002/pmrj.12763. 

Zaremski JL: Exercise medicine and physical activity promotion: core curricula for US medical schools, residencies and sports medicine fellowships: developed by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and endorsed by the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine. Br J Sports Med. 2022, 56(7):369-375.

Zaremski JL: Suggested Curricular Guidelines for Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Training. Curr Sports Med Reports. 2021, 20(7):366-373.


Vice-chair of Education

Andrew H. Dubin, M.D.

Dr. Dubin is the Vice-Chair of Education for the department of PM&R Medical Education Program at UF. He will oversee the development of the program including the curriculum, resident-faculty-program evaluation and development.

Program Director, Residency Training Diplomate, American Board of Integrative Medicine

Irene M. Estores, M.D.

Dr. Estores is the Program Director of the PM&R Residency Program at UF. She will oversee the curriculum, resident-faculty-program evaluation and development. She is Co-Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) and Co-Chair of the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC).

Associate Director, Residency Training, Chief, Division of Sports Medicine Director, UF Health Throwing Clinic

Jason Zaremski, M.D.

Dr. Zaremski is the Associate Director of the PM&R Residency Training Program at UF. His primary role is to assist and oversee resident mentoring by faculty, develop didactic programs and engage and mentor residents in scholarly activities. He is the Co-Chair of the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) and Co-Chair of the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC).

Vice-Chair of Research Director, UF Health Sports Performance Center & Exercise medicine and Functional Fitness laboratory

Heather K. Vincent, Ph.D

Dr. Vincent is the Director of the Exercise Medicine and Functional Fitness Labotarory and the Director of the UF Health Sports Performance Center. She is responsible for directing the research efforts of all trainees in PM&R and guiding educational content of residency program. She is a member of the Program Evaluation Committee (PEC).

Residency Education Coordinator

Terra K. Smith

Our Residency Education Coordinator, Terra K. Smith, has 12 years experience managing and coordinating medical education programs. Under the direction of the Vice-Chair of Education, Residency Director and Associate Director, she provides oversight of our residency training program, medical student and undergrad education opportunities. Under the direction of the Vice -Chair of Research Director, she provides oversight and onboarding for available internships. For more information contact: Terra K. Smith, Residency Coordinator, UF Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 3450 Hull Road Gainesville, FL 32607 Phone (352) 273-7356