Parental Leave

Residents may take up to 12 weeks of leave to care for a new child by birth or adoption. Paid leave during this time will be deducted through accrued sick and vacation leave. If leave exceeds paid time accrued, remainder of leave will be unpaid. The parental leave period may begin two weeks before the expected date of the child’s arrival and must occur with 12-months of the child’s birth/adoption. Residents who plan to utilize parental leave are expected to notify their program director as soon as they know they will need to use parental leave, to facilitate appropriate scheduling. Complicated pregnancy or delivery will be handled in accordance with the FMLA and disability policies. The total time allowed away from a program in any given year, or for the duration of the program, will be determined by the requirements of the specialty board involved. Any absences must be made up in accordance with specialty board policy.